Cool As a Cucumber: How to Master Public Speaking (1.0) - Philly

  • wejetset studio 131 N 21st St Philadelphia, PA USA

This workshop will be hosted by our favorite lifestyle brand dedicated to servicing the modern traveler, wejetset. Food and drink included!

Designed for makers, doers and everyday people with a genuine desire to conquer their public speaking angst and improve as communicators. During the two hour session, you'll learn strategies and tips on how to effectively craft, prepare for and deliver your message as well as public speaking tips, best practices and techniques for navigating feelings of nervousness. PLUS, every participant will present for the group, get live coaching and video footage following the workshop.

Added bonus: Enjoy a complimentary ride home for up to $25 thanks to our travel partner, Uber (for new users)! 

Enroll here.  

*limited to 10 attendees