Available September 2017

Available September 2017

We understand that when there’s just one chance to make a first impression, the way we express who we are becomes the most important part of our conversations. This is exactly why our Founder & CEO Holley Murchison created, Tell Me About Yourself,  a proven 6-step training process and book designed to help you craft and deliver comprehensive, compelling, and generally kick-ass introductions.

For creatives and entrepreneurs; corporate employees and organizational leaders; public figures and speakers; transitioning students and more, Tell Me About Yourself  helps bolster your confidence and authentic communication in life’s most vulnerable moments.

Learn the Tell Me About Yourself process.

Created for dynamic beings constantly redefining themselves, their work and the world around them, TMAY Sessions are private trainings offering a simple, scalable framework, to help you develop accurate, artful introductions and personal stories for yourself, your team or your company.

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