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For Individuals

The Cool As a Cucumber workshop series is designed for makers, doers and intra/entrepreneurs looking to conquer speaking angst and improve as communicators in the moments where their voices matter most. These hands-on, beginner-intermediate level workshops prepare you to genuinely and confidently share content, pitch ideas and tell stories that create a space for audiences to relate, engage and act.

CAAC Lunch & Learn
workshop length: 60 min
A (BYO)lunch session for those looking for some quick, actionable tips and strategies for becoming more effective speakers and communicators. A great personal/professional springboard if you: 

  • have an upcoming or future presentation you'd like to ready yourself for and/or,
  • struggle with speaking angst, preparing content and/or genuinely conveying your message

*limited to 30 attendees
(includes a complimentary ride for up to $25 *for new users* via Uber)

CAAC 1.0
workshop length: 2.5 hours
Learn strategies and tips for effectively crafting and delivering your message as well as best practices for navigating feelings of nervousness. PLUS, every participant will present for the group, get live coaching and video footage following the workshop.

*limited to 10 - 15 attendees
(includes signature CAAC nosh spread + a complimentary ride for up to $25 *for new users* via Uber)

CAAC Intensive
workshop length: 4 hours
The intensive is ideal for those working on something BIG or new who need specific support with framing and sharing the idea. You'll get clear direction on how to hone your speaking style so you sound less like Obama-lite and more like you (the real you), writing support so you can polish a draft you've been working on or craft a masterpiece from scratch (during the workshop) and peer feedback plus live coaching with before and after footage that will guide you toward delivering at a level that'll make (more than just your) mom proud.

*limited to 7 attendees
(includes signature CAAC breakfast or nosh spread + a complimentary ride for up to $25 *for new users* via Uber)

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For Creative Companies, NPOs and Social Enterprises

Holley is an extremely talented teacher and speaker. It is obvious from the quality of her work that she is passionate about helping people grow. She has an incredible gift of connecting with people in a way that empowers them to tell their stories in an authentic and confident manner. We loved having her coach our team on their public speaking skills and we would welcome the opportunity to work with her again. Not to mention, Holley is just awesome.

Sahana Ullagaddi
Marketing Specialist, Klout 

All workshop content is custom-tailored to meet the specific needs and desired outcomes of your company. Employees and teams will be better equipped to:

  • clearly articulate your company's mission, vision, products, etc. (in their own voice)
  • have individual + team role clarity and be prepared whenever asked "What do you do here?" 
  • communicate confidently in group/team settings and better champion ideas
  • provide top quality customer service
  • effectively prepare for meetings, demos, presentations and speaking engagements and,
  • navigating feelings of nervousness (for those who struggle with speaking angst)

Depending on the workshop option selected, each session includes up to 15, same day 1:1 laser coaching sessions for select employees, chosen at the company's discretion, that focus on one public speaking paint point and equip individuals with actionable steps for improvement. These sessions can also be used as virtual office hours.

Lunch & Learn 
workshop length: 1 hour

  • open to up to 75 attendees (minimum of 10 required) 
  • 1 attendee will be selected to present for live coaching and feedback
  • includes five, 1:1 laser coaching sessions/office hours

Lunch & Do 
workshop length: 2 hours

  • open to up to 50 attendees (minimum of 15 required)
  • 5 attendees will be selected to present for live coaching and feedback
  • includes 10, 1:1 laser coaching sessions/office hours

Lunch Intensive
workshop length: 4 hours

  • ideal for small teams of up to 7
  • targeted focus on content development and delivery coaching for conferences, presentations, demos, etc.
  • live coaching and feedback + before and after video footage will be provided for all attendees
  • includes 15, 1:1 laser coaching sessions/office hours

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